i play an e flat alto and i play a 4 string bass.... and i wanna play alto in my band....but i havent been able to find the tranposer......and i asked ppl i consider musical experts ....but either they didnt know...or it still sounded of...anyone know?
Alto Sax music is written Treble Clef right? So all you have to do it just transpose it from Bass to Treble... thats not hard... If your stuck you can use Guitar Pro and it can Transpose bass parts (in Bass clef) to guitar parts (written in Treble)...
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Alrighty then, I'll try to explain this as best as possible. The bass guitar is in the key of c (c on bass=concert c), alto sax is in e flat (c on saxophone= concert e flat). YOu have to transpose the bass music from concert into e flat, then move it up one octave at a time until its in the treble clef.


If the bass music is in standard notation, then you can read it as is. I learned this from the band director at my high school. Apparently bass clef concert c is the same as treble clef e flat. I used that method to play tuba music without transposing.

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thats explains alot...ill have to play around it with it to understand compledtely but i get the concept
I don't know much about alto sax, but I know that G on alto is Bb on bass. If I were you, I'd make a chart listing which note on alto is equal to a note on bass until I got it worked out in my mind.
Well here we go bass is C alto is Eb.

Eb |E | F|Gb|G|Ab|A |Bb|B  |C|Db|D|Eb
C  |Db| D|Eb|E|F |Gb|G |Ab |A|Bb|B| C

Transpose up. When you see a C write Eb When you see an F write Ab. I think thats right. Octave as neccessary.
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Or if you can read music, all you have to do is add 4 sharps to the key of bass music and read it like that.