i know you can write some stuff on your pencil etc. scrunch a bit of paper with notes on it and put it in your pencilcase.

any other stuff like that?

and for people with shitty writing who use laptops. they can bring like a floppy with notes and use it during the exam.

any other suggestions

share thanks
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Studying is the most surefire and least idiotic way to cheat. Of course if you get caught someone might actually think you give a shit about school, but who would want that?

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Anyone smart enough to figure out a good way to cheat is smart enough to pass a frickin test. It isnt that hard. I dont even study and I get A's.

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on the hand, wear a sweat shirt then go to the restroom and wash it off. easy as pie.
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I just took notes on a piece of paper once and the teacher didn't not when i took the test.

It was a gay ass health test tho.
We had to remember all the step things in order on the test :O
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women can tape like little post its in the cleavage of their shirt and act like their fixing their shirt during. also you can tape a piece of paper on your shoe or just write on your shoe and during the test cross said foot over other foot and read it.

EDIT: i meant the sole of your foot, like the bottom
write it on a peice of gum with a pen and put it in your hand like your gunna eat it, and if you are gunna get caught then do indeed eat it.
On tests where we could use calculators I used to write formulas on the little instruction sheet that sits in the case of the calculator, and just slide the calculator down and read them. If you can use graphing calculators you can make a program and just type a bunch of notes in there and read the program during the test.
Best way is just to have a small sheet on your lap.
tsk tsk

Cheating is wrong!
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If you are given a laptop and have an essay, here's what I did for my history final in high school.

The teacher gave us a study guide with possible essays for the test. I wrote an essay for each possibility and e-mailed it to myself. I went into the test and copy/pasted the essay I needed into Word or whatever. Bam.

Had to study for the rest of the exam, though.

Also, for college. They give us blue books, right. I took an old one from an old semester, and erased the previous essay. Then I wrote the essay for the final in that, added some errors and scratched it out to make it look like it was an on-the-spot thing, and then smuggled it into class.
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Umm, spend 1 hour reading through your notes, testing yourself and making sure you know it rather than spending 2 hours on UG looking for ways to cheat, which does not prove anything.
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On tests where we could use calculators I used to write formulas on the little instruction sheet that sits in the case of the calculator, and just slide the calculator down and read them. If you can use graphing calculators you can make a program and just type a bunch of notes in there and read the program during the test.

i do that 2. my friend takes a picture of the test on his cell and sends it to a smart friend who will send him answers. dont let the teacher see the cell though
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I got cheating in spanish. It sucks dick now i can only get a maximum of 80% on a retake, ****!
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Quite a few of these methods involve
-sheets of paper
-other electronic devices (cellphones, PSP, DS, etc)

Hell, down here you'd never get away with that. In the exams they specifically have a set of rules written out, which they constantly inform everyone so it's not like they can say "I didn't know".
-No extra pieces of paper (even blank) - extra paper must be given by an examiner
-No electronic devices
-No calculators (unless it's a maths exam allowing one, but even then I believe they're inspected)
-All watches must be taken off and lying on the desk (No clue what's the point in that, but still)

Obviously no laptops or anything, and there's a LOT more rules, which I can't remember.
Basically they've taken almost every conceivable way of cheating (from experience, or whatever) and made it against the rules. Sure, cheating is against the rules anyway but I mean they disallow pretty much everything except for a couple of pens into the exam rooms. They'll either be taken off you, or if you're seen with them you're kicked out and you fail.

Sure, there's the traditional write-them-on-your-hand, or hidden notes or whatever - but you'd have to be stupid to do them, they're far too obvious.

So basically... why bother putting aaall that effort into cheating when you can use that time to study instead and get a better score without the possibility of being caught?
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bring a giant novelty pen. sure, it wont help you, but everyone else will piss themselves.
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Don't make to be a dick but maybe if you just took the time to study your shit then you wouldn't have to cheat?
Write answers on the inside/back of a white tie and wear it to school. Pretend like you're fixing your shirt.

A few weeks ago some kid got caught cheating that way, and then a couple of days ago another kid comes in with a white tie and is fidgiting and staring at it and shit. The teacher comes up, and clears his throat. The kid flips his tie over his head and a picture of a naked lady is taped to the other side. "Gotcha!"

It was sweet.
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get a pen or two that are easily disassembled.
rip the study guide into 2 or 3 pieces and wrap it around the ink refill. unscrew the pen during the test like it's jammed, and pull the study guide out. thats how i ACED the world war 2 test in us history
the game
The only way you can cheat and get away with it in an exam that you need a calculator (math, physics or if you're in the back of the class and the teacher doesn't move around). Use those big Ti calculators and create a new program and type everything you need.

Thats how I passed my physics and pure maths exams by writing all the formulas in it. I even had different applications that I would just enter the variables and it would calculate it for me for the questions that I just need to write the answer or just to verify that I did everything right.
Study. P.S. There've been about 5 topics about this in the past week.

Also, I don't know how you get away with all this ipod, phone, Nintendo DS (I mean WTF?!?!) and laptop stuff. We get an automatic 0 if we even have those in the room, and the nazi supervisors parade around the room glaring at everyone. In major exames, we even have to take our watches off and put them visibly in the corner of our desk.
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Here's the best way to cheat:

The night or nights before the test, get your study materials together and read through them thoroughly. Once in a while, test yourself to make sure you have absorbed most of the knowledge present in said materials. Do this several times over a long-ish period of time so the information is stored in long-term memory and regularly refreshed.

Works every time.

Even if you get caught doing it, the teachers won't even mind! They actually encourage doing it! How great is that!?
use hacks and cheat. itll get you an A every test if you use an invisibility hack
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They were writing exams, and there was this one guy who cheated the entire way through, everyone knew, but they decided to wait till he wasted his time to finish to nail him..here is what they didnt expect:
Guy walks up to hand in place: "here you go."
Teacher: "You can't be serious..can you?"
"Do you even know who I am"
so the guy smacks the bin of papers so they are all over the floor, throws his under some, and runs away... Thats what the guy gets for answering no to that question, no way to say who cheated

Dude... thats a comercial
Break into the class at night and write all your notes in big with paint on the walls.
In the UK it's the same as Austrailia, you'd think we were being checked at an airport. It's stupid, you're not allowed your phone on your bag or your pocket. They have to be outside of the exam room.
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Break into the class at night and write all your notes in big with paint on the walls.

“Broken hearts never mend”.
But fools never move on.
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Dude... thats a comercial

Which was probably taken from Slackers.