Which amp is the best for rock/blues and such
1. Vox AD30VT ( Already purchased, able to return.. sounds quite artificial)
2. Fender GDEC
3. Roland Cube 30X

All generally the same money, I got the vox last night but it just sounds so odd. Should I keep the vox or return and get one of the other options ? Opinions and thoughts welcome
I'd say the Vox would be the best out of those, exactly what don't you like about it and also, what gear are you feeding into it?
It just sounds like fake to me, I have a boss ds-1 going into it, and my guitar is the one from the ibanez shred hed pack..
I'd bet the DS-1 is the problem. I have the little mini one, and I had a friend plug his DS-1 into once when we were at his house jamming and no matter what channel we'd turn it to, it still sounded like a DS-1.Try using the built in amp models without the DS-1 engaged. Also try this, turn down the distortion on your DS-1 all the way, and use it as a booster in front of some of the distortion channels. Might work to dirty up the cleans(In a nice way) too.
should I just go and purchase the fender blues junior ? I mean if it's a better amp and i'm not performing or gigging, just looking for good equipment to play in the convenience of my own home. Let me know what you guys think about that.
Which amp won't really need to be upgraded ? I just want a good amp for playing at my house.