im thinking about buying this guitar i just saw it on musiciansfriend today, but i didnt get a chance to go try it out today....... can anyone give me some feedback on the guitar
I got it, and I love it.
The stock pickups aren't too good, though. I switched my buckers with Dimarzios (ToneZone and Classic Air), but haven't gotten around to buying a new singlecoil yet (any suggestions are welcome). New pickups really lifted this guitar to another level.

It's true what Arlabester says too, it's quite versatile. I bought it mostly for metallurgy, but it's good for other styles too.

edit: not to derail the thread, but mexshred, would you recommend the YJM? That's the one I'm leaning towards to replace the stock singlecoil.
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i have one too. Tone zone, Paf joe and YJm as my pickup swap . This guitar is great. Comfy to play, greatly built, fast neck, light body, and the most verstile out of my guitar arsenal. it can cover so many styles.
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im also planning to buy this guitar as soon as my results for my test come out

well i have heard very good things about the RG1570, like the prestige neck, the edge pro trem, and the nice finish.
One of the best guitars I've ever handled and now my main. You'll probably want to switch out the pickups once you get it, they're known for being a little on the weak side and I found this out for myself after I got mine. Unless you use incredibly light gauge strings, be prepared to do a minor setup when you replace the factory strings, mine came with light 8's and I noticed the bridge was raised higher when I put higher gauge strings on. (Temporary fix, more springs, long term - get a decent set up done. Im a set-up nooblet. )
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^8's that strange. Most i've seen come with 9's

edit:to Kyrreca
its an alright pickup. dont expect it to give you the classic blues single coil sound but it does give a clean clear articulate sound. when you od it keeps its clarity and articulateness. By itself it has an ok clean sound , use it with the split neck and it sounds heavenly clean or heavenly distorted.

it really depends on what you want to use single coil for
I traded in my Real Books for Robbins and Cotran Pathology Textbooks
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