I would like to know an online site ( not Ebay) where i can purchase a mesa boogie amp, or can I only get them from my local dealer. Cause musicians friend, guitar center,zzounds, music 123, ect, dont sell them.

thanks guys
I haven't found an online site that sells them yet. Look at their local dealer list..That's your best bet.
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its called

no online shops sell mesa because mesa don't want their stuff to be ship. mesa is only available at local dealer. i e-mailed musiciansfriend and mesa about that before.
ur gc doesnt have me ?! most of them should...
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guitarcenter.com doesnt carry the amps but most of the stores near you should carry mesa. Some don't though. I live in florida and the nearest guitar center that carries mesa is 150 miles from me. Just gotta get lucky I suppose.