I'm in a band and we are very close to starting doing local gigs and whatnot, and I would like to get a backup guitar. I am currently using an ESP LTD AXXION Dave Mustaine Signature (I have heard people bash it constantly, but honestly I am in love with the thing and that is not the point here) through a Johnson Millenium 150 amplifier. I cant spend much more than 500 bucks on the guitar and I would really like it to have some sort of quality double locking tremolo and a mahogony body so I can get the tone as close to my other guitar as possible.

The guitar I currently had in mind was the Ibanez 520EX, so I was looking for comments on that and any other suggestions.

Oh yeah and the type of music I will be playing on it is progressive metal with elements of Jazz, Blues, classical and modern rock.

I have a Freeway Classic... you can get one with the FR but i don't know if it has double locking. I use it formodern rock, some classical and metal.. sounds good, feels good and is easy to play.. around $500 or $600
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jackson dk2m, really nice one. or maybe dkmg
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I really hate the big bolt on joints like on the lower end jacksons, and I am not too sure about the LFR's on em. are they any good?
I play an LTD F-50. I plan to sell it and buy a Jackson RR1. Possibly and Ibanez 7 String, any $300 RG, or maybe a DKMG