never heard of them. and theyre all junk.
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Uh-oh. People might mistake you for a homosexual if you buy a purple pedal.

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You own an Rg2570E and you live in Australia I to you sir!
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never heard of them. and theyre all junk.

Funny, I've heard of every guitar brand on there, and they're almost all quality brands.
More interested in the Jay Turser brand. Anyone know anything about them? I can score a Jay Turser SG in mint condtion for $130, but since I have never heard of them, wanted to know what type of guitar they make before taking the plunge.
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i've played on the sammick one. i didn't like
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I've never heard this "Eruption" song.

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^^^ but surely putting a flower on your guitar wouldnt be that stupid, or is a floyd rose like a stupid colour or something?
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Never heard of them.. I went to electric guitars on that site and found a guitar, single cutaway or whatever looks like a tele.. haah what a copy i guess..
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