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Does anybody have or know anybody who has really nasty habits. My brother would pick his nose and the boogers right, but he would only eat the boogers with nose hair in them. I think thats pretty damn nasty! I if u kno anything worse (or better for that matter) tell me.

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Does anybody have or know anybody who has really nasty habits. My brother would pick his nose and the boogers right, but he would only eat the boogers with nose hair in them. I think thats pretty damn nasty! I if u kno anything worse (or better for that matter) tell me.


I used to do that and still do once in a while totally unconsciously
i thought i was the only one that picked the skin around their finger nails, makes me alil more secure bout my habits.
i eat cats
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I frequently tap my fingers on a desk/table unconsciously. When I'm alone I pick my nose, I don't eat it though. Usually I just fling it, but if they're nasty I put them in a kleenex.
The booger kid is disgusting. I bite my nails, chew then swallow them. WHich is also pretty disgusting I guess. Oh and I never grew out of that childish phase of scab picking, if I cut myself and it scabs over, i'll be picking at it frequently. I've left small scars from picking at scabs. :/
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i pick scabs a lot. sometimes in school i get out of class cuz im bleeding so bad i have to go to the nurse
and in school i bite my nails and spit em on the floor, a lot of times on ppl's stuff. funny from my point of view
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what are u chinease

What are you, racist?
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Damn you beat me to it


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What ar eyou , a human?

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I tend to pick at the skin around my finger nails.

Used to do that a LOT when I was younger. Even to the point where it'd bleed and I'd be missing chunks of skin.

Everything is good now though.
Oh yeah I also like to play with my thumb. I can dislocate it and replace it whenever I want and when my elbow is on a surface it makes a really loud pop sound. My whole left hand is screwed up. All my fingers are double jointed and my pinky doesn't really move properly it like pops into different places instead of moving smoothly.
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I was kidding man

You know you shouldn't joke about those things!
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I bite my toe-nails sometimes.
I don't pick my nose.........................................................................often........
Deffinantly don't eat it.
I do finger myself and lick the yummy stuffs off of my fingers sometimes though..

Now THAT is nasty...
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I poke my butt and then suck on my finger all the time

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I pick my nose.
I also bite my nails and the skin around them to the point of bleeding.
When I have a cold and I cough I always eat my phlegm.Not nasty but I tap my fingers and my feet all time at school.I can't stop cause if I do , I have to do something else like interrupting the class or daydream.
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i know a guy who cant clean his ass right an picks the shit locks outta his ass.
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haha i dunno know. like if i sh*t or fart i know they smell really bad, but I enjoy the smell. Like I'll fart on my hand and then smell my hand. I dont think thats normal though...
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Now THAT is nasty...

Nahh, tha's kinky
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what are u chinease

what are you... unable to spell?
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I have a habit of cracking mu knuckles, like lots of people, but I love cracking my back aswell. I don't think it's audible to people unless they're right beside me, but I can hear it and love the noise and feeling. People who hear it give me disgusted looks.
I also pick my nose when I'm alone, who doesn't, but I never eat it. That kind of shit makes me sick. My father eats his, and I have to leave the room. He also picks his toenails and leaves them on the coffee table, or down the sides of the chair, and then blames me or my brother. It's fucking disgusting.
I also know a girl who grows her nails long, and she sits in lessons and raps them across the desk, non stop. i have to sit next to her in history, and it drives me to the point of insanity. It's one of the most irritating noises, again and again and again.
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^ Your dad eats bogies? That sucks... Kids I can understand but that's just weird.
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I'll often tap my fingers on a table or something alike, and sometimes I'll think of a song/riff, and play that riff on the table by "fretting notes" with my hand, just on the table. It can sound annoying.

And sometimes, I pick my nose, but I normally never realise I do it, and on the odd times, I can eat it. Bad habbit. I also bite the skin around my fingers.
my brother likes to itch his jewles then smell his fingers. every time i catch him doing it he does it like three more times to make me laugh
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I pick my nose when I'm alone; and don't realise when I'm doing it. I pick my nails, sometimes bite, I still suck my thumb when I'm alone; again, don't realise that I'm doing it. That's it pretty much
i chew my nails, when i was younger i used to chew my toe nails
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Cracking my joints. As in, all of them. Neck, fingers, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles and knees. At least those are the ones I can remember.
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I crack my knuckles, knees, left elbow(long story), neck,back, left ankle (sprained it and it never healed right,now you can hear it crack across a room), anything you can imagine, i crack it.
Back to Dinkydaisys post bout the girl,theres a girl in half my classes whos mental,i mean MENTAL! She has really yellow teeth,my friends and i swear she doesnt brush...nasty just thinking about it. And worse,she has these fingernails that are like so friggin uneven,ones almost an inch,another is like friggin short,and so on. I got to the point where i offered to cut them with a coping saw in Woodshop the other was funny. That and i dont THINK she brushes her hair.
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