2 ways, 1, use a pick and do a bunch of pull-offs, or 2, just do it legato style and only pick the first note, then the rest hammer on pull off style without using ur pick. (this works better if you have a distortion pedal hooked up)
when im alternate picking i always miss the open string and wen i do the afore mentioned legato style its not audible
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Well, it's not going to sound right if you pick it. Do the legato like the other guy said because Angus doesn't pick it. And if it's not audible turn your amp up because it should be. Max your distortion too. If you can't hear it you either are trying to play it on an acoustic which would be really weird or you have weak fingers or something.
so who the hell wrote thunderstrike? only one i know of is thunderstruck. i know it was pointed out already, but theres no clerification yet. besides just do the hammer ons and offs for thunderstruck.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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