I have a drummer who is absolutely amazing at everything. He can play Buddy Rich stuff...not joking but he isnt great at the double bass. I was hoping that you could give me some good tips and tricks that i could relay back to him. Please help me out it would make me a very happy man.
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well first of all you need two legs. then you press both pedals. thats should do it.
Most double bass drum players incorporate a heel an toe technique. A true master of this is Dave McClain (Machine Head) especially on tracks such as Davidian.
This is where you you sorta rock your foot on the pedal striking down with the ball of your foot and then again with your heal. This effectively allows you to hit two beats in the same time that you'd normally make one. When you get a rythm going with both pedals you get a continuous beat.
It's hard to explain this properly in words, try checking youtube, there's loads of lessons on this.
It's quite a difficult technique to pick up as you have to adapt your feet to move in a different way and sorta bounce off the pedals rather then tap them.
Like with all things practice makes perfect. Just start slow and make sure the timing is right before trying to play really fast.
A good song to start with it Overkill by Motorhead, it's pretty easy when you've got the hang of it.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!