How good do you have to be to play the intro solo in fade to black?
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Good enough to know that learning anything takes practice.

JK. Umm, atleast intermediate(sp?), but its a hard solo to get down perfectly, but practice makes something close to perfect.
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its not too hard, its just a matter of if your willing to put in the time and do you know how to do hammer ons and pull offs? (im still amazed by people who dont know those that have been playing for more than 4 months)
Haha, I can do Hammer on and pull off's on and I've been playing >2weeks. But I haven't tried Fade to Black yet.. Fight Fire With Fire isn't too hard, although I'm not through the opening yet...
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i've been playing since like christmas and i started playing fade to black solo today i got some of it its just the fast part when i play doesnt sound right
^ Yeah, me too. The only tough part about it is the quick arpeggio at about 31 seconds into the song. Definitely give this a shot, it's good practice, and a great song.
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Not a hugely hard solo but one that takes practice to sound right. its all too easy to play it slightly wrong and it will sound like ass.
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Not too hard.

Practice the aforementioned arpeggio, though. It's the hardest part to get down right.
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Yea...it's not technically demanding but it's one of those solos where everyone KNOWS it so if you mess up anywhere they'll be able to tell. It's one of those solo's you can sing
It took me 2 weeks maybe for memorizing the pattern and finger positioning, but to play it right or sound decent, 2 years of practice (since i bought the electric guitar).
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