Im going to replace the pickups on my Ibanez 7-string. I have never done any pickup changing so is there any thing i should watch out for, something NOT to do when i replace them. This guitar cost me valuable money so.... whats like the worst thing i can do to it when im workin on it

oh and if there are some nice Internet sites for help on replacing pickups please let me know

thanks guys
if you are that concerned and don't know how to do it just take it to a tech
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Its really not that hard if ur new pickup came with a diagram and your good enuff at soldering (i'm not good at all but I get by). It should take about a half hour and one thing to watch out for is not to scratch ur body up at all when you got tools and stuff around it.
The stuff you could screw up

You could scratch the finish
scorch the finish with the soldering iron
scorch the finish with solder that drips off the soldering iron
expose the pot to too much heat and burn it up
expose the switch to too much heat and burn that up
use too much solder and create a short
end up with poor solder connection resulting in extra buzz, or no noise at all.

None of those things are a big deal. Switches and post are really cheap, and truth is that the pots that come stock on most guitars are not that great anyway, so if you burn up the switch or the pot then you will just replace for a fiver and end up with a better guitar for it.

Scratches or scorch marks on the finish are not that big of a deal and if you are careful they won't happen. Just put a cloth over your guitar when you work on it.

The shorts and poor connections you could end up with due to solering can be easily fixed so they are not a big deal either.
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