About how much it costs to have teeth pulled? I have to have about 8 teeth pulled and was wondering what it costs. Maybe if someone has had it done and saw the bill. US dollars please. Thanks yall.
What does it matter? You rake in about $200,000 building guitars so...
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4 wisdom, and the ones right next to them. The wisdom teeth grew in at an angle and ended up chipping my teeth really bad, and I never went to the dentist. I dont really like them still, but its about time to have them fixed.
8 teeth? Why don't you just brush your teeth and take care of them?
Edit: Oh nvm then.

It costs a lot. I don't know about normal teeth, but when I got my wisdom teeth out it cost 250$ per tooth thank god I had insurance and they paid 100%.
I hope you have insurance, it would be over a grand I would think.

*Isn't it going to be weird without 8 teeth? Correct me if i'm missing something, but what the hell man? 8 teeth gone?!
Yeah, my aunt is having 13 taken out and its costing her $1800 but thats with insurance. I dont have insurance, so Im paying outright for it. And no it wont be too wierd missing 8 teeth since they are all in the back.