Hey everyone. I'm not new to this site but I finally made an account. I've been playing guitar for about 2 years and bass for about 1 year. I'm in 2 bands and I'm helping out another one at the moment. Besides playing guitar i'm also known to do some pretty kickass backing vocals. So yea im pretty useful in a band I love metal. Death metal,black metal, its all good. My favorite guitar is a Bc rich. I know alot of people think negative about BC rich but i think they're very nice guitars. Ok well I think I rambled on long enough now...

Possibly the only B.C rich fan on UG

j/k anyone that says that should be shot, then shot once more to confirm the kill.

Despite "noobie" or whatever it says under my name, I've had an account for almost a year and a half.

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Yea I'm sorry. I realized that allite too late I guess...

no big deal just make sure you read the rules and FAQ threads so you don't make too many more mistakes
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