What are good pedals for Phaser and a good pedal for Reverb? I play blues, jazz and classic rock, but i have a very open mind, its mostly going to be used for playing rock than blues and jazz obviously.

Thanks for any help.
^lol way to say the excat same thing as the person above you.

but seriously, i use the reverb and phaser on my MM-4 and to tell the truth, it sounds a bit more digital than i had hoped for. though, i figure your wanting seperate pedals, correct?

Phasers: MXR Phase 90, Boss PH-3 and the Ibanez PH-7. and if you go for MXR, don't splurge more on the EVH one. just the same really.

Reverbs: never used a reverb pedal. I like the reverb on the MM-4, and on my old amp, but it never inspired me to buy a pedal dedicated to reverb. There is the Holy grail reverb, electro harmonix makes them (from memory). perhaps also the Boss RV-5?

Bottom line, go to your nearest guitar store and ask to try phasers and reverb pedals out.
ive played the phase 90 (getting mine soon!) and the holy grail a few times, both are great. just that the holy grail i played had a slight volume loss when turned on(no idea why).