i was changing the strings on my marlin nylon string acoustic, and one of my bridge pins broke... all the stores are closed, and i need to play. is there anything i can use as a brige pin?
everything else is just details
if its isnt that broken try tp put it, cause right now my 2nd string pin is broken but i still play with it
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You can use a thick piece of pine or something, but don't press it in too hard (it might get stuck). Just wait the whole one or two days (depending on your location) till when the stores open so you can get another one.
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I've used the stick of a Blow Pop before, lol. most anythign that fits in the hole will work.
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yea just find something that fits in there and stick it in there
like u can use a medium size nail but i wouldnt put anything to big in there because if u like make the hole bigger a bridge pin wont fit when u replace them
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i used a nut and washer that i threaded the string through and put it through the back of the bridge, it's held up so far, which has been like 4 months now, so i imagine its proven enough...

of course its probably better to just wait and buy a new bridge pin...