Ok, my timing skills are pretty bad, but here's what I was doing. I was playing on guitar, and I discovered this riff I've heard before, but can't remember where, and I'm pretty positive it's a fairly popular song. Anyway, I have a tab I'm about to post that is played on the b string in half step down, mind you, I'm not sure if the notes are even right, but if you play it I'm sure you'll know which notes are right and which song it is. Here it is, but be warned, my sense of note timing is a tad bad. The two measures don't even have the same amount of time. >< But yeah, it'll be enough to work with I hope.

7 7 77 5 3 5 55 532

Played on whatever string I guess, it's been forever since I've heard the song, I have no clue what the notes are for it, but, thanks in advance for any help.
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i agree, you might be thinking of seven nation army, just with some of the notes a little confused.