a prime example of why i leave this forum for months at a time.
music and soul of love and hope and light manifesting in our minds, trapping whats left of us in our hearts.
where theres nowhere to go.

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Ostin, you are the pwnzorz and my new hero for that flame.

and this is a guy who's name is "i pwn"
*readies shotgun*
They won't take UG without a fight.
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I went to the doctor, and they found something in my bladder. And whenever they find something, it's never anything good like, "We found something in your bladder AND IT'S SEASON TICKETS TO THE YANKEES!!

Do you folks like folk?
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*readies shotgun*
They won't take UG without a fight.

Actually, if the pit was taken over, that would be good. Like its already taken over by 13 year old boys, but kangaroos would be way cooler.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

Screaming Help
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damn straight

Kangaroo's don't talk...right? RIGHT?
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