ok so i have been trying to do like one hendrix song a week and i think i got through most of the really easy ones so what is next?
ive done
-foxey lady
-wild thing
-purple haze
-hey joe
-Manic depression
-and at one point i knew star spangled banner but now i can only rember bits of it
-and i know all the bob dylan covers he did, but i know the way bob played them
-almost forgot voodoo child

so what song should i do next please try not to make it too hard like some of his super hard stuff but something that ill be able to do. Thanks guys Peace
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learn his version of catfish blues, thats pretty easy and a great version... dolly dagger, crosstown traffic, theres plenty of good ones
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"STONE FREE" or "FIRE" for a good band/club vibe... "ANGEL", "LITTLE WING", "DOLLY DAGGER", or "1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)" to get into Jimi a bit deeper. Vai does a great Little Wing (and sings too) on some live CD/DVD sets.
All along the watchtower is pretty easy
Crosstown Traffic
Little Wing
Highway Chile
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Little Wing

Btw which songs of his are super hard?? To me, none of his songs seem to be real dificult, other then getting the amount of feeling he put into them.
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Little Wing

Btw which songs of his are super hard?? To me, none of his songs seem to be real dificult, other then getting the amount of feeling he put into them.

You just listed his hardest one, little wing, not an easy song, but like you said not super hard either.
You are correct, Ninja...none of Jimi's songs are "super hard" for you in 2007. No doubt about that. But remember when they were written/recorded, and think about the innovation they purported in the late 60's/early 70's...
well i have been told machine gun is pretty hard..and btw do you play these songs with band or just on your own?
well machine gun is hard because you'd have to kinda duplicate his feedback setup + his guitar was detuning as he played it
jimi's stuff is classified as hard because alot of his techniques are not common and he played stuff different everytime
also the way he plays it almost like someone takes over his body when he does he plays with so much enthusiasim that if u dont have that it doesnt sound right

but spanish castle magic is pretty easy and a great song
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wind cries mary.
Like a rolling stone sounds nice
Same with NYC Apartment tape version of 1983

Don't just stick to hendrix ;D
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Voodoo Chile
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Rainy Day, Dream Away
Still Raining, Still Dreaming
1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
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'little wing' is the classic that everone tries to play, the lead is difficult (i can't do it all) but the rhythm chords are quite easy and help you to get a feel for it.

'hey joe' is simple and fun, 'the wind cries mary' is fairly easy too and nice to play.

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