There are two things I do well IMHO,

I am an electronic musician who does a lot of epic soundtrack-ish stuff with keyboards, and I also have a dark side where I write and play very aggressive Industrial Rock, this song "Sodomy" is from my next industrial release, entitled Purgatory. This song is dedicated to Mr. Fred Phelps and the bigotrous bible waving morons of Westboro Baptist Church.

Lyrics are still in the works, but I fully intend on making them quite blatantly obvious what the song is about, in the meantime. I hope you enjoy a sneak peak at the musical composition part of it.

Note: I included this in the Info, but at the end of the solo, I am actually playing with a whammy bar in one hand and a slide in the other, and pretty much making improvised noise with them on the fretboard and over the humbuckers, it's pretty cool sounding though, I just typed in what sounds best like the recording thus far. Which I would include except I want to wait until the lyrics are on it.

Anyway, I hope you enoy, Sodomy.

EDIT: I have added a MIDI for the GP Impaired!
NOTE: I will crit your songs back, I'm Dial up, be patient.
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A MIDI would be nice for those without GP.

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I actually liked it. I'm not a big fan of industrial but this rocked. good job!
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Man, that is so kool! I can see how much effort u have put into that song. i would love to hear Static-X play that song. Anywayz, i really dont have much crit 4 u on it. Best song ive seen on UG. 10/10
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Cheers for the crit!

Now this song is good. First bit made me think of static x, next bit made me think of wumpscut, then rammstein etc etc. Although the drums are maybe a tad repetative they do carry the song well, and i love the way you alternate the guitars and the synth patterns, then interlock them and harmonise with them. The chorus maybe needs a little more happening, maybe some palm muted chugging under the synth line. The bridge is nice and creepy, and the guitar solo sounds a little odd to me but it fits the song well. Good subject matter too, i have no doubt the lyrics will be just as good as the song.

All in all i'll give it a 10/10 for good powerful drum use, innovative arrangements, driving powerful riffs and a somewhat unusual and unorthodox solo. Keep at it!
That was really good. I highly enjoyed that. Reminded me alot of Turmion Katilot, which is always good. A very solid peice. 9.5/10. I think the bass line could be a tad bit better than it was.
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Well this calls for a beer, Uncle-Dad Cletus!

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HAAAAA! Jokes on you! I high fived you with the hand i fapped with!