I hope that everyone enjoys their lives
When it's my time to say good-bye
I hope that they reach their goals
But me, I took my soul

My life was never fair
Cruel, Uncaring and nobody there

My life was a joke
And then I did choke
On a knife that slits my throat
(cant think of a good line to end this up)

I dare you to tell me otherwise
I know what I'm talking about, all the lies
So many in my life have gone
And sometimes, I'm just a pawn

People are taking advantage of me
The ones the most these are the three
Pain, sorrow and agony,
Are all coming, eating at me
sounds very emo i hate emos and for missing line i would say something like i am just a sacrificial goat but thats just me
It means your thing sounds emo and melodramatic. Honestly it sounds like you just thought of random lines centered around a pretty corny suicide. Lines that could have been written by a picked-on 5th grader.
Seriously, this really sucks. Try reading the S&L writing tips thread.
you try thinkin that i give a flying **** about what you or any one of yall mother****ers say about how much emo people suck. and what is with the 5th grader crack huh? where'd ya get that one?
altho..I will say I hate emos...

I like this song..Im not into suicide or anything like that..I just like the flow..I think you have a good song here..