Right, so there's a song that I'm trying to learn, but one the parts is:

Really fast, with pull-offs. I've only been playing for ~8 months, but should I be having much trouble with this? It looks easy enough, but when I try it with my guitar it just feels really akward, and I can't do it consistantly. I can do the rest of the song easy enough, it's just that one portion that's giving me trouble.

I dunno, should I just alt. pick my way through it? Or does anyone have any exercises that would help or something?

And +1 to anyone who knows what song it is.

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just keep practicing, go as slow as you need to as long as you can do it correctly, and it should help you speed it up

and i think its malageña
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Practice slowly until you can pull of consistently then slowly progress your speed. Once you have a respectable speed, try skipping around your strings and making variations to perfect your technique. Pull-offs are pretty hard to get at first.
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its called

yea for just playing for 8 months that will be hard probably
the only way to do it easier is to practice and build up speed and corridination in ur left hand, to pull off that portion just practice it slowly and once u have it memorized and can do it perfect slowly, speed it up gradually
and i would look for some pull off and hammer on exercises and do those to get it better
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