Whats up guys...

I've been clearing out some of my gear because I am going back to college in June. Unfortunately I have too many guitars and it came down to getting rid of either my American Strat or my ESP and this is the one I chose.

I am selling the guitar and ESP case with it. Guitar is a 9/10 condition. It is perfect aside from a few surface swirls from normal use/cleaning and a couple very small dings on the bottom front of the body (which you can *hardly* see in a pic I took of it below). I never gigged with it as I have another ESP that I use to play out with. This one sits in my home studio and only is rarely played.

I'm not going to kill you all with specs but this is the pre-gibson lawsuit version of the ESP Eclipse II. They stopped producing this model in 2005 and you can only find the three knob version now. It is a shred machine and has a BRUTAL metal/rock tone.

I changed out the stock EMG 81/81 PUP combo for an EMG 85/60 combo that reflects the guitar's tone much better.

These guitars at shops are selling for about $1,750+ with the case, and that is for the newer 3-knob models.

*updated* I am asking firmly for $1,200.00 USD shipped to Continental USA (if it needs to be shipped). Just cover the PayPal fees ($36.00 USD) if you plan on paying through them.

If you want to talk to me directly PM me your E-mail address or my AIM s/n is:


So you know I'm serious about selling this my E-bay name is Distortion788. 100% feedback. Check previous auctions I have sold tons of equipment.

Thanks and enjoy the pics! E-mail me if you want to see more.

(Black Beauty not for sale )
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Beautiful guitar..... Looks alot like mine..... Where are you situated..?? Laney GH50Ls are great amps, and sound great with my ESP
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Cool man do you have any recordings of your GH50L? What cab are you playing through? PM sent.
That's a quilted maple top, not flamed maple.
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That's a quilted maple top, not flamed maple.

Yea I realized that after I already posted everything sorry It was late when I typed this whole thing. Excuse my ignorance.
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how much? The horns shaped a bit different than current Eclipses

Yes it is! The Gibson Lawsuit I mentioned in the description is just because of that! ESP was shaping their horns and making their volume/tone placement knobs so close to Gibson's, that Gibson actually sued ESP because of it, stopping them from making guitars like this one anymore. These will only go up in value for this reason.

PM me your best offer or E-mail me @ rimondi1@cox.net and I'll tell you if I think it is fair.
That last picture.. with both Eclipses.. *drool*

I love those guitars. To me, they look better than Gibsons.
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hey, would you be willing to sell me the stock EMG's?
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hey, would you be willing to sell me the stock EMG's?

Sorry man but they are long gone. I sold them about 5 months ago when I replaced them with the 85/60's.
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Damn, if I didn't have my Hellraiser I'd snatch that thing up.

How much are you looking for it?
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I might be interested in buying this, but I won't have the money until...after you leave for college..soo nevermind?
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I might be interested in buying this, but I won't have the money until...after you leave for college..soo nevermind?

Just shoot me a response to this thread or something when you get the money. I can't promise you it won't be sold by then (hopefully it will I need the $$$) but who knows you may luck out.