Hi I'm reading up on rackgear lately, in pursuit of my tone i've taking multiple steps but it's hasn't got me anywhere yet. The last step in pursuing a good tone before possibly stepping up to rackgear is buying a GT-8 as it CAN get you nice tones (i.e. Opeth, Meshuggah etc).

My biggest issue most of the times is the sharing of eq on channels, I have three main sounds i'm after of which eq sharing isn't an option.

Clean: Opeth (think Damnation/Blackwater Park), Satriani (Not of this Earth). Good mids/treble but not to overwhelming and bright.

Brutal Rythm: Opeth (think Deliverance/Still Life), Mesuggah (Chaosphere), Necrophagist, Immortal. Quite different from another but the main idea is brutal but not fully scooped and not muddy!!

Heavy Lead: Opeth (Deliverance), Vinnie Moore, Marty Friedman (early), Vai.

Main Question is which pre-amp will suit me most. I've thought about the engl 530, but as it says modern rock will it go way brutal as i'd like? Besides it doesn't have enough channels so I would have to buy two :P.
Read up on ADA-mp1's but they are said to be fairly softer, not suited for brutal tones.

As for Power amps, how do they affect tone other than colouring it as a normal power amp would do to your sound. Since pre and power amp don't HAVE to match. i.e. Engl pre(bright) and Mesa power (dark).

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Ok I forgot to mention that my price range for a pre-amp probably is something like 500 since it'l be my first. The 570 is a little out of my budget I think :P
n00bios the cornerstone of every nutricious meal
Well if you don't have the cash for the stuff that delivers what you want, don't cheap out on something second-rate. Save your cash for now and buy the real shit.
Ok, then let's hypothetically say that if I had a less limited (still normal, i'm not buying three pre's and two power amps or anything) budget, what would be some great options in good dynamic clean, brutal rythm, thick dynamic lead
n00bios the cornerstone of every nutricious meal