im remodling and custominzing my old squire. i was wondering, where could i buy a prewire pickup kit, i've seen them on the internet, but cant find them on muscians friend or guitar center, i want a pretty decent sound from it, so price isnt to much of a problem (within reason) also, i plan on sanding down the body and repainting, i can do that with just a elecetric sander and some hand sanding right? i've never done this before and i plan on starting to build custom guitars (mabe sell them to friends) so right now im doing an experiment, but i dont wana waste my money, so any advice would work, right now im just worried about pick ups so pls reply, thanks
EMG pickups come with prewired pots where you just have to take yours out and put these in in and solder the pickups to them.
don't you already have a pickguard on the squire? Any prewired pickguard is going to have the same crap pickups as the squire and pickups aren't hard to change at all if you know a little bit about soldering. I would suggest a gfs pickups tho you can get them at guitarfetisht theres a link on the post above this one
well i painted my last pick guard to add a little something to my peice o shit squire, so i need a new one, but i found wat i was looking for on that site, and as to the squire pickups being crap and all prewired pickups being crap, i was hoping to find a prewired package with better pickups, and lastly, i know nothing about saughtering, my dad could probably do it but he says " i aint messing with that cause if i mess it up i aint paying to replace, im sure theres a lot more work then just saughtering a couple wires".... anyway thanks
actually it is just solder a couple wires and maybe turning a few screws on the pickguard and just for future reference its soldering not saughtering hahah
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when I canged my pickups I just cut the pickup wires off midway and then soldered the new ones on and wrapped it in elctrical tape and it sounds good now. Ypu could just get a new pickguard and take the nuts off the volume tones and selecter switch and put them on the new one not that hard.
ok thanks every1, if its really that simple, then ill just do that, it cant be to hard to saughter, and i dont know how to spell it correctly but watever