ok guys. i wanna be able to switch between my spider II and blues junior, just with a pedal (for those going WTF! i just want the insane distortion for some things.) So how do i go about hooking em together? very much thanked.
You need a splitter or whatever you want to call it, I believe.
Basically, lead from your guitar, to the box, with leads going either to the A side or the B side with a switch to, well, switch between them.
U mean like an AB switch? I think thats what your looking for http://www.zzounds.com/item--BEHAB200 can someone confirm???
EDIT: Yeah i read it over, thats what you need right there.
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ABY switch, some are better than others.

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A/B/Y switch.

Just to add to the collection.

i use all my pedals. its not a collection...
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i use all my pedals. its not a collection...

I meant collection of pedals

and more importantly

Pedal of 'ABY BOX!!!' answers.