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Okay. I recently bought a Digitech GNX4, which was a mistake I made. The only thing I really knew about it was that it could record. But after playing it for a while, the effects don't sound that great. I love the convienience of it, but it sounds fake. And I have no idea how to use the record feature, but I want to start recording as soon as possible. So what I'm asking, should I sell it for around 400$ and buy some real effects, or will it sound better and more real through a nicer amp, like a Carvin Legacy? I've got a Roland Cube 30 right now, and I'm just confused. Thanks for the future input.

Have List
GNX4 - Can probably get 400$ for this
Roland Cube Thirty
$750 dollars + near future income

Want List
A real Whamy Pedal (Gnx4 sounds like a xylophone on crack) - $200 ( I can get this for free)
A Wah pedal of some sort - $150
Distortion - $150
Boss Flanger- $120
Boss Reverb- $120
Boss DD6 Delay- $150
Carvin VL212 -$1000

Should I go for it? I want the best sound I can possibly get.
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i would agree with you and sell it what you said about the wammy pedal actually is a fitting discription i would get rid of it before it breaks because mine is shit and broken i also hate the effects the record feauture is nice but the drum machine mp3 player all that just is pointless but if you look at it its not built very good and most end up with problems not so simple to fix i learned just to buy a single pedal when you have some money for it and make sure you get one you acctually want and just learn how to really use it. im selling mine and for now im just getting a noise suppresor distortion and chorus bottom line is GET RID OF IT i think buying my gnx4 was the biggest mistake of my guitar playing career or whatever you want to call it not really a career
yeah, sell it if you only use those effects, and don't like the ones on the GNX4. Especially if your main goal is to use it with an amp. It's not a plug and play unit, you need to read and understand the manual before you can get the most out of it. It needs to have a compact flash card to record directly with the unit. Hit the mode switch until it scrolls thru "presets", "stomps", and then "record". In record mode, the stompbox buttons work as labeled for recording. I disagree about the drum machine being useless, it's a great sounding midi drum machine. Again though, unless you learn how to use it, it's just a bunch of preset beats. Also the MP3 player works excellent to play along with tunes, I don't know why that would be useless either. I've found the unit sounds best recording directly to the CF card using the 8 track recorder. If you don't want to use the built in 8 track and CF card to record, you can connect it using USB to your computer, and install ASIO drivers so it can record directly to hardrive using USB. You can also use the DBX mic preamp if you want to record your amp rather than using only the unit. Don't expect a world of difference with the Whammy IV compared to the built in whammy, it's "better", but certainly not light years apart. I own both. There are so many tweaks and settings on the unit, unless you take the time to learn it, there is no reason to keep it.
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Yeah, tonight I'm going to stop by bestbuy, and buy a compact flash and try it out.
I'm back, you douchebags.