just today , in the middle of jamming with some friends my amp(fender blues deville reissue) all of a sudden started losing its volume and sounding like shit(sounded great before that)....I thought it might be because I just swapped out my pickups for gibson 57's in my epi sheraton but the guitar sounds the same through my smaller amps so i figure its the tubes which I havent changed for about a year...........I called my local music shop and they want like 160$ to swap tubes wtf?????I really have no idea what to do cause I dont know shit about my amp and tubes and what not....uhhhh help please
I would guess it is the tubes but you could probably do better than 160 to replace the tubes
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i say both. you always have the option to not use the pedal at all but it will still be there like that obsessed chick you took to homecoming and never called again, sitting there waiting for your call. so yea both
aint the cables or the guitar, its gotta be the amp...if the amp uses 3 12AX7 tubes will any model of that type be fine for the amp?? or do I need to buy the same fender groove tube Sovteks??this sucks my 15 watt ibanez shitter is sounding louder than my deville!!shit!
There's variations in sound with different brands of the same valve, read around and see which matches your needs.
You can buy any brand of the same type of valve for your amp.

And the volume loss is a sign of bad valves.
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