hi. im having trouble tapping a note after sweeping. i sweep, go for the tap, then can't get back fast enough to finish the up-sweep in time. help?
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keep practing just slow done.Sweeping is hard so you have to practice s hell of alot
Make sure your tapping with your middle finger and not your index. Also, just work on timing. Get the rhythm of the tapped notes in your head and it makes it alot easier; don't just randomly tap notes from the arpeggio, make rhythms and cool licks out of it.
yeah tapping woth the middle finger does the trick, i've had some problems wih this too, maybe a year ago or so.. note though, that you don't sweep back over the fretboard, you do need enough time to sweep above the pickups, or you'll lose some
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I can't sweep, so this is entirely based on what my friend told me when I started learning sweeps:

Sweep the passage, then stretch your pinky out to tap the note (it will feel wierd as it needs to be done at a wierd angle) and then you're free to continue your sweep.