I have lyrics but I prefer to work on them myself rather then post them on the internet.

I kept it playable with no fancy work on any parts. The idea was to be simple and fun but still sound great.

C4C as always, Enjoy.

When i saw that there was a grand piano in it. i was like 'here we go, some crappy classical type song'. But when i listened to it, i loved it. the guitar and the guitar compliment each other really well. while the drums sit in the background and set the beat. Really liked the opening riff too. Sounded very Guns n Roses-ish. 8/10 man. Please crit my song.
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Thanks, but i would really like to know what people don't like, rather then what they do...
Yeah, you have some nice piano licks in there, and the drums fit in really well.
Since you want what i didn't like...
In bar 3, the first two powerchords you played on the guitar and the first two diads in the piano part clashed, I think i know what you were going for, but it somehow sounded kind of like a dischord, it brought an atmosphere against the feel of the piece. I would suggest changing the piano's diads for that, or even just make it single notes, like a C would work well.
Bar 5, again i can see what you were aiming for but it did sound out of key from the rest of the song.
For the riff from 7-12, it sounds so great, but the guitar was too quiet, you could barely hear it for the piano. I would make that a bit louder.

They are the only negative things i could find, and they are very minor as this was a great piece. I'd like to hear this with lyrics, i think it would sound excellent.

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