whenever i play a chord i always touch the string next to it. im a beginner. am i suppose to be touching it? if im not, it seems really hard not to, are there things i can do to not touch other strings?
Try and place one note down at a time and use the verry tips of your fingers.
I had the same problem.
when holding the notes of the chord try arching another finger over the strings not in use so it barely touches them, this causes the string to mute.
and....try lowering your thumb on the back of the neck, that helps alot of people that I teach. Also make sure that you are always sitting up straight with the guitar straight.
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Haha cool, I'm having the same problem too, good thing I found this thread, I'll keep practicing.
i really think i should do some finger exercises. are there any specific exercise to help play chords?
try as much as possible having your fingers perpendicular to the fretboard. it should help clearing up the sounds.

practically, when you're asking on whether you can touch other strings, it depends. when you're playing a barre chords, obviously, you must touch other strings, but if you're playing a simple chord, let's take D for example. sometimes i bar the second fret up to the third string, and still push the third fret. but if your finger touch the other strings and mutes it, than that's a different matter.