So last night, I went with some friends, two, and they're both very good musicians, one of them a guitarist, three years, and another a drummer, very good. We're all about sixteen.
So we went to see his dad play, they're all kind of old, his band, but that doesn't matter, I saw them play, and they had alot of fun, they all don't know any theory either, which surprised me, b/c his dad was soloing, by ear, he's been playing for a while, so I guess he's just gotten that good at ear.
My friend got up to play my other friend's guitar, and he was very good, better than I would've though, he's been playing for three years. He was sweeping, and just improvising sh*t very well. And well, I've been playing for two years, and I'm just starting to get used to improvising somewhat well, pretty okay I'd say, but not as well as them. Now, i'm not trying to beat them at anything, but the way they played and how well, impressed me, and it made me see things differently.
Lately I'd been playing just songs, crappy useless songs, that I liked, which is good, but useless. And improvising a bit, just jamming. that's good. But now, I want to start progressing again, making improvments, and learning new things. So I will.
I know theory, enough I mean, so that's covered.
And I was wondering if I should start learning sweeps, I think I will. And I also want to improve my speed, my ability to know what play next wheh improvising, or in general, my speed.
So my questions are, can I get any tips on what to practice sweeps with, what to do to improve my overall speed, any songs, and any other tips. :]
Thanks alot UG.
Also look in the MT Sticky FAQ. That has a link to Technique building.

For sweeps.. I honestly haven't a clue.
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I've seen melodic control, great vid, i'll be sure to check out the others. thx again.
Does anyone have any good songs with good solos that I could use to start building speed with. :]