so does anyone else take any AP classes? last year I took AP World History (got a 5), and this year I'm only taking AP US History. Normally I dont like the kids in the AP classes, but there are some cool people this year. Some dickheads, but mostly cool. What I love about AP is how bloated your average gets, I failed every test but one in AP US, and still got an 83 in the class
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Me too! I took AP Music Theory and Statistics last year. Theory = easy. Stats was the bane of my existence. I'd advise anyone who reads this to not take that class.
Well, my classes are Pre-AP.
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I only have one AP class available to me at the moment. I have AP European History. I also have English 10H and Algebra IIE (don't ask why it is E instead of H, I don't know). Next year I plan on taking: AP English 11, AP Biology, AP US History, and Math Analysis E.
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My school only has 2 AP classes: English and history. I go to a poor school, but I wouldn't think that has anything to do with that.

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I don't take AP classes, but I take Honors classes. I did take an AP class in my Freshman year. AP english, and I got a B, so it counted as 4 instead of 3. It was awesome.
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I don't take AP classes, but I take Honors classes. I did take an AP class in my Freshman year. AP english, and I got a B, so it counted as 4 instead of 3. It was awesome.

Uhhh... AP classes are classes one takes for college credit. I doubt your freshman English class was AP.
I kind of wanted to take AP Psychology, but you had to take a test after school, write an essay, get a recommendation, have a good average, etc ....so I'm just taking regualr Psychology

Edit: ^actually, my current school (I transferred this year) offers the same AP World History course to freshemen that I took as a sophmore...this is just fascinating, in't it
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AP classes for me:

AP Statistics (5)
AP US History (5)
This year:
AP Calculus
AP Government
AP Physics

Yeah, I'm kinda a nerd.
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im taking AP music theorym funny thing is, theres no regular music theory...
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There are no nerds in my school , the whole school is nerdy, so its equal

there are, however, these future-yuppie pricks who join all the clubs and raise their hands, act really irritated during group projects and whatnot
I've taken AP World and US History as well..got a 93 and 95 in those classes.

I also took AP Enlish IV and AP Lit. Got 86 and 92 in those classes, respectively.

I tried to take AP Physics and some Honors Math classes..but those aren't my strong suit. My school promotos those classes..but not many people take them. It's great though, because all the students are so anal and any one of my random comments gets them all in a fit.
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AP world history is easy...

except for the fact that I have to read 50 pages about colonial america and africa today...
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Has anyone here gotten their 2007 test results yet?

On the thread's topic: I took English Language this past school year, and I will be taking Calculus AB, Biology, and English Literature this year.
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I'm going to take AP World History this coming year.

Currently reading Guns, Germs, and Steel. It's pretty interesting.
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i took the AP Government and Politics test last year and got a 4.

this coming year i'm taking AP Calculus and AP English Literature.
Taking AP European History, AP Psychology, and AP Literature, shouldn't be too bad. I like those subjects so I'll actually be motivated to do well with any luck.
I took the world history test this year, and got a 5.

Which is suprising becasue I guessed on most of the multiple choice questions, made up nonsense about the Ottomans for one essay, and at the end of the last essay, I asked nicely for a five and mentioned that AP graders were overworked and underpaid.
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Sophmore year:
AP Euro (4)
Last Year:
AP U.S. Gov't (4)
AP English Language (4)
AP Spanish Language (2 yeah i sucked at that class)
AP Computer Science A (resutlts not in yet)
Next year:
AP Chemistry
AP English Literature
AP Computer Science AB
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I'll be taking

AP Literature
AP US History
AP Calculus
AP Physics
AP Chemistry
and AP Computer Aid and Drafting (drafting and design)

Woohoo for college credits!
Sophmore year- Pre IB/AP Government
Junior Year- IB Physics, IB Math Methods, IB Computer Science I, AP US/VA History, AP English Literature
Senior Year- AP AB Calculus, AP English Composition, IB Computer Science II, IB Economics

IB = International Baccalaureate, same level as/higher than AP classes, but it can be a whole different thing, it's a complete program you can do, where you end up with an IB diploma and stuff, but there's a bunch of extra required shit (community service hours, 4,000 something word essay, extra class requirements), so I just took the classes without going for the diploma.
well...i was well and done with APs a year ago and declare myself a vet

final tally:
Biology - 5
Chemistry - 5
US History - 5
Composition - 4
Literature - 3 (doh! but i got an A in my uni writing class, which statistically has 2 As out of 18 people)
Calculus AB - 5
Physics C Mechanical - 3 (bah! but again, i got an A in my uni engineering mechanical physics class heh)
Microecon - 4 (had the basketball coach for a teacher, and it was only a semester...so i was stoked about that)
Spanish Language - 5

ended up AP Scholar with Honor
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I take IB classes, which are all too similar to AP. I've only taken two of my exams so far, the rest I take this upcoming year as a senior.