Ok for christmas(or my birthday cant remember) i got a guitar a couple years ago, this whole time i thought it was a strat pack but it comes with a guitar that looks like This But this amp AMP

It says on the head Squier Strat but all the pics i can find for that guitar look different maybe i just cant find the right pics

Edit: P.S. What do you think of this guitar once you figure out what it is. I play mostly Pop Punk(fall out boy, MCR , Greenday ect.)
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my friends pack came with that amp too. its got 2 input jacks right?
...That's a Squier strat... how is yours different?

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its just mine came with a diff amp, didnt come with that video, no guitar case and no extra strings
mm thats exactly what i got same tuner lol even the picks are the same colors