I saw this Kramer guitar in the store today and i decided to take a look at it.
It was a strat shaped body that was metallica red with a black pickguard. It had a chrome Original Floyd Rose. It had a maple neck and had a rosewood fretboard with an unpainted headstock. It was an H/S/S setup, with a 5 way(could be 3 way) and a volume pot and two tone pots. It was made in the Neptune, NJ factory. It looks old too. I think it is discontinued cause I didnt see it on the website.
The guy who had previously owned it tightened the springs on the trem all the way so it would not float and took off the locks on the nut. He had also removed either the volume or a tone pot and put in a mini switch. It is for sale for $120. I was thinking about putting it in layaway, and maybe fixing it up a bit. Would it be a good deal?
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looks like a 1983 pacer... I'll be putting it in layaway I guess
If it said neptune on the neck plate it's probably later than '88 ish... What shape head stock? Like a strat? like a banana? Like a suhr? Like a "pointy" jackson-esque headstock?

I have an '82 pacer special and mine doesn't say neptune nj.. just made in the USA.. Some of the neptune plated guitars are infact japanese or korean imports and are nowhere near the qaulity of the american counterparts.

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