Pedal case/board - $35 shipped

I just upgraded to a much larger case, so I no longer need this one. For the price, it's pretty solid and gets the job done. It's perfect for someone with just a few effects, who wants a small board. The top comes off via four clasps and leaves the bottom as a pedal board. The bottom is fully carpeted and takes to velcro very well. I've also added a sheet clear, thick plastic to the top, innerside of the top part of the case with thumbtacks, in order to slip cables and whatnot in there. It can be removed easily, if you don't want it.

Interior Dimensions: 23" (L) x 9" (W) x 5" (H)

It fits about 5 Boss pedals and cables connecting them with a bit of space to spare (not enough for another pedal though). You could probably get six pedals if 2 of them were MXR sized or smaller.

PM/Email me if interested.
Shipping within US only.

Paypal preferred.

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I'm interested...

Could you get a typical wah pedal on there?

Not sure as I don't have one. But I don't ship to Australia anyway.
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Damn, that is pretty compact. Could you place an effect in there and take a pic, just so I have a better idea of the dimensions?

I'll get some pics tonight. It has enough width to fit five Boss width pedals and the cables to connect them (and then have about two inches on each end left over). You could probably fit more if some of the pedals were smaller in width. As far as depth, you probably wouldn't be able to fit two rows of pedals unless you want to turn some sideways. There is room to stick adapters and cables and whatever else you can squeeze above (or below) the pedals.

PS: In case anyone misunderstands, the height (H) really only applies to the case and not the board as the board doesn't have any height (well, maybe 1/2").
Here's a pic with pedals on it:

As you can see, you can easily fit 5 Boss sized pedals on there. If at least one of them were a MXR sized pedal (such as most MXR pedals, many boutiques, and the new EHX Nano line), you could probably fit 2 of those sized pedals along with 4 Boss sized. With those sized pedals there's also additional space to stick any adapters or cables you might have. There is also space in the top of the lid for those items as well.

This isn't a huge case, but it's perfect for someone with a small pedal collection, who doesn't want to take up the whole stage with a giant board for just a few effects. It was perfect for me until my pedal collection outgrew it.
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Hmm...Cool. How deep would you say the case is? I have some pedals slightly taller than a Boss.

BTW, did you build this? It's very nice, if you did.

The height of the case is about 5". Any pedal will fit height wise, as I can't imagine any pedal over 5" tall.

I didn't build it; some shop did. It's not the best quality case, but it's pretty solid and gets the job done.