I've been working on this one for a while and I'm looking for some input. Any opinions, positive and negative, are appreciated.
I really like this song. The only thing that I would change would be the end of the solo. From bar 26 on it does seem to fit in as well as the beginning. Other than that I thought it was fantastic. Very mellow and relaxing.
That sounded great, very relaxing. Maybe add some distortion to the solo though?
Wow, that was amazing!
The only things negative i could say are: The riff from bar 1-3, it was a great riff, it just didn't sound 'finished' if you know what i mean? When you repeat it, it's a kind of sudden repeat and doesn't give you time to take the riff in. You could just end a finishing bar before you repeat and it would sound more 'complete'...Thats it! The only negative thing i can find.
The riff from bar 4-7 was beautiful, the only thing i would say is that the grace notes in bar 5 IMO sound better as slides instead of hammer-ons, but thats just personal opinion.
The solo was great, but the jazz guitar put me off but i just don't like the MIDI sound of it
That's all i can really say, it's an excellent piece.

EDIT: Wait, i just noticed you have a string ensemble in there, i just couldn't hear it, maybe make it louder?