from another thread where people were making up songs in GP, passing them on and adding to them. And I thought why don't we do this with a real song? Someone records something, uploads it, and the next person adds to it. I don't wanna start though 'Cause my timing and shit isn't all good yet, so if someone could start us off? Be sure to tell us the BPM and what its in - I suck at figuring what key songs are in as for now.
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sounds like a cool idea, id definitely contribute and i wouldnt mind starting it if nobody else does

any particular genre that the song should be?
I'd like anywhere from alternative - metal... But if you wanna do a different genre I don't really mind, I won't participate in different genres 'cause I mostly suck at them, but I just want to see something like this happen.

Start us off if you wish =]

Oh and are you any good at making drum tracks? :P
i can make pretty decent sounding ones, theyre just kinda boring, im not great at making fills/variations.
check out the music in my sig though to see what you think
Cool man... Could you go with a little more of a rocky tone though? I think we'd have a lot more contesters (sp?) if we had rock and not just like fully blues =]