welcome to the fender silver sister blub, as you may of noticed that this is a blub and not a club.Clubs are for normal people blubs are for special people e.g us.
If you have a silver sister or you thinking of buying please join the conversation.

What conversation>
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I was so glad when my cat got spayed. Everytime I was near her she meowed and bent over wanting me to stick it in her. Really gross.
Anyone else wondering if shredding fish and shredding llama are the same attention-starved individual?
Actually called Mark!

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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

...it's a seagull

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

Oh My God.

Hell I think i'll make an Ibanez S470 user blub, club slub or whatever the hell you call them, maybe even a ****ing DS-1 one, oh screw it i'll take it all the way, a broken behringer wah repaired by duct tape blub.
oh man this is one of the worst in a while.
are u a multi account? cause really, you sound like a fool.



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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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