Hey, I have a Marshall JCM 60W TSL601

Annd....the input sockets buggered.

Does anyone know how I would go about taking the top off to get inside and sort it out? I can't seem to find anywhere to unscrew it.
How did you break it in the first place?

I'll take a look at my TSL602 for you and get back to you...

Dob-Edit: Okay, have you tried opening it up from the back..? >_<
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I actually have no idea how it got like this, but you have to keep wiggling the cable inside the socket (no sexual inuendos intended obviously....... ) for ages until it actually plays, so my best guess is that the metal bit on the inside is bent or something.

And yeah I tried opening up the back, It only gave me access to the speaker, the circuitry and what not is inside a seperate box bit at the top, but I don't quite know how to access that.
Thats the actual amp itself. Its pretty hard if you've never done it before, the back is probably covered with 'Do not open -- Risk of shock' etc. I'd take it to a shop.
Any thing done by you and not an authorized tech voids warranty. So either take it to shop or void your warranty.
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