havent heard the real song but that sounds good
your bass players hair is awesome
EDIT: by havent heard the real song i mean not the recorded version
have you got a myspace link? your work is good
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It's meant to reflect Clapton's career, starts off good but then turns into a piece of shit.

The Lord has done mighty things with his right hand
Psalms chapter 118, verse 12
Yeah I like it, thats similar to what I'm into musically at the moment :-D Not sure on the vocals though, but it does fit the mood of the song. You could crit songs on my soundclick (in my sig) if you want thanks.
hey madmk, I dig it. pretty cool.
EDIT: we have a band around here that plays that kind of stuff, they're my fav local band

sorry, we don't have this song recorded yet. :P
Myspace is myspace.com/7thSaturn
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