This is pretty much a parody on some rap songs with a man and a woman. It is a bit serious too, but still a bit of fun. The underlined bits are sung by the man, while the normal bits are sung by the woman.

Hey! I know you want me.
What makes you think I want you?,
The way you look makes me know you want to.
Yeah but this is quite impromptu.

I don't care, you've been wanting.
Why is it you're acting sleazy?,
Is that a gun or are you happy to see me?
To that I would have to say 'extremely!

Great, c'mon lets start some action.
You've got things you want to show me,
Ha ha you don't even know me.
I thought I did if not well blow me.

YES! Oh please let me.
You really tempt me,
Lets begin, you know I'm sexy.

Of course, C4C.