ok, heres the deal. right now i have a Squire P-bass . im getting into alot of slap bass stuff and my bass just really doesnt deliver the good slap and pop sound. now i was thinking, do you think i could do something to it like buy a J-bass pre-wired pickguard and install it on my P-bass?


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Don't let the name on your bass let you down. People have it so badly drilled into their heads that this instrument and that instrument ONLY are THE best, and everything else sucks. You can have a somewhat decent bass/guitar, and install new pick up's and have a great instrument. The people that say they suck are the ones that only play $2000-$3000 instruments. If the pickguard will fit your bass, go for it.
My mate plays an Ibanez bass (this one), that he bought for something like £200, and it has the best slap and pop sound I've ever heard. He's actioned it really low because it's easier to slap and pop like this, and he has a faultless finger technique so he can play finger-style without buzzing the strings on the frets. If I was going to buy a new fretted bass, I would get an Ibanez.
if u wanted put jazz bass pups in it would require more routin i would think.

What you shoudl do is put the j bass pickups on and keep the p-bass pickup s well (or maybe replace em, if u wanted), a bit like the stu hamm urge bass.

You can do what you want to do, but it may require a bit of work. Good luck.
^Honestly putting a new set of pickups in isn't going to make your tone that much better. It would require extensive routing to get it fixed, and even then a Jazz pickguard won't cover some of the gaping holes that will be left in your P-bass. Just play the P-bass, I learned to slap on one, and it turned out ok for me.