I was thinking of buying a cheap guitar off ebay to customize, but I was wondering what make to go for.

The Encore and Wesley are very cheap, and then there are Squiers. Any other makes that would be worth looking at, and what are the best guitars around the £50-£80 that I can mess around with?

I am guessing Squier is made to the best quality, but I am unsure, that's why I am asking :P
Squiers are good for customizing. Recently I've noticed that there are some dirt cheap Deans, which I'll try sometime in the future.
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yeh i heard good things about wesley but personally id get an affinity strat or tele by squire
I would probably go with Squier Affinity or some type of Wesley, can get them cheap on ebay.

What type of Wesley do you think has the most flexibility? I mean, like you can do the most things to it. It will be my first time, so i'm just going to try out different things.
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Or a Squier '51?

That has a basswoof body i think. It wouldnt be as good as the others.
But there are no other squiers/fenders that are like it.
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How about that? It's cheap and has an alder body, and a different shape.

Triple single-coil pickups and a 5-way selector switch. The 21 fret (vintage) neck features a maple fingerboard and a slim tapered profile finished in an amber polyurethane lacquer.

Solid Alder Body 21 fret maple fingerboard Triple Single Coil Pickups 1 Volume 2 Tone control Chrome Diecast Klusen Style machine heads.

Brand new aswell :P
If those prices don't go much higher, go for both! You know you want both. They both look like very decent platforms to unleash your creativity. And if you get bitten by the bug, your first mod won't be done yet before you start imagining/planning what you'd do with the next one. Just ask dave293 or Calum_Barrow.

xD Tempting. I came to these forums to find out a good guitar to BUY as I currently have a Squier Affinity 20th Anniversiry edition, but I somehow came here and it looks very interesting. I still want a good guitar, so I don't wanna spend all my money on this stuff yet. I think I might just go for the weird shaped one and do that one up.
Or a burns with Trisonics.
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Couldn't see any burns as cheap as the wesley's, and the strat type wesley ends in 57 mins so I will probably go for that.
I missed the first one due to my dad making a cup of tea (The strat copy, ended at £35), and then the second one i didnt like too much and it went to £36 so i didn't bid anymore.

I have decided I will probably just get Ibanez RG321 and put new pickups on that, then with my left over money get a guitar to play around with, so then i dont waste all my money on this project (i wont have much cash left xD)

I'll probably go for the black finish, as I like that colour, get new machineheads and new pickups and strings and see what else needs changing.