Can you use guitar effects for example a DOD death metal distortion pedal FX 86B on a bass guitar? Will it blow the speakers? Or Damage the Pedal
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i think bass guitars can phuk ur guitar amp if you have it too loud, mines fine in my guitar amp, not too loud tho.

as for pedals, i dont use any of mine with my bass, theyre a lot more delicate methinks, its the low frequencies that do the damage. bass multi fx arent too expensive, and all you really need is fuzz...maybe chorus or overdrive.

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some edals (such as the crybaby wah and some overdrive pedals) can be used by the bass. but i would suggest for most other pedals (OD included) to just purchase the bass specific variety. i would also suggest buying a bass amp, not using a guitar one, because the bass is low end and can damage your speakers. cheers
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As long as you're running it through a bass amp there should be no problems except the distortion won't sound as good as an actual bass distortion pedal. If you are running it through a guitar amp, just don't turn it up too loud
yea, you wont damage your guitar effects by playing bass through it, it wont sound as good as if you played it through the bass equivalent as that would be built for low frequencies.

but as for the amp, id go out and buy a bass amp to play bass through its no fun when you cant crank it for fear of breakin you amp

i do have a bass amp, thats what i was wondering a guitar pedal through a bass amp
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