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Epiphone pr5e left handed
1 10%
Ibanez artcore left handed
4 40%
Epiphone dot left handed
5 50%
Voters: 10.
I've come across some money, and i don't know if i should get an acoustic, a hollow, or a semi-hollow.

Could someone also explain the difference between semi-hollow and hollow?
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semi hollow is like hollow but it has a solid piece of wood under the pickups and bridge (going from the neck attachment to the bottom of the guitar), hollow is how it sounds- hollow wood shell. semi-hollow guitars are good because they give some of the sounds of a hollow but don't feedback, and it also means you can get good solid body sounds out of them which gives a really nice mix of tone; because the bridge is set on solid wood it means that you can use a normal bridge or even a tremolo instead of a long tailpiece; and lastly the most obvious advantage being you can get a decent tone of a hollowbody with no feedback.

so when you think about it the word semi hollow kind of explains it, as its half hollow half solid.

i personally prefer semi-hollows (especially e-335s/epi dots) as they are extroadinarily versatile for music, they are good for absolutely everything you need them for (although the pickups in them are often biased to more blues/jazz stuff but you can easy change pickups to preference)
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm actually going for an acoustic, but if i don't get the acoustic, then a guitar that can kind of sound like an acoustic with a great clean sound.
I would say go with the dot. I have an artcore and I got suckered int buying it instead of the casino or dot. The dot has a double cut so you have acces to the higher areas of the neck.