Hey I need some help. I just bought a Danelectro D-1 pedal. It worked fine the first day. Then when i used it the second day the sound turns off completely then turns on then on. But when i when i turn off the pedal it works fine. I don't know whether its my guitar, amp cable, or pedal. I've had some problem with one of the cables, but it doesn't explain why it only turns off the sound when the pedal is on. Can anyone please help me, so i know whether to return my pedal?
either check the battery connection, or bring it to the shop because pedals are a biatch to work with and its either under warrenty still or someone can fix it. dont mess with the elcetronics tho cuz you can mess it up worse or itll frustrate the hell out of you
Thanks, i try to change the battery or bring it to guitar center for them to try. I thought also it might be that my amp sucks and can't handle it. Its only 15 watts.
There is no problem with the amp. You've just got a really shitty pedal.
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Oi, the D1 is decent. I have one. Good deal for a tenner. =)
You're running off battery right?
Did you leave the cables plugged in over night?
Are the cables plugged into the right jacks?
Have you got the volume (Level) on the pedal turned up?
It isn't true bypass so leaving the cables in still drains battery. And 300mA is quite a bit. Therefore, go get a new battery, or better yet a 9v adaptor.
ok thanks so much! I just tried it with a 9v adapter and it makes a clicking sound now. I think i'll just exchange it for a new one and try that or I'll get a boss. But i need one soon, my band performs on Saturday.
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