or boxing for those not in the know. I figured some of you kids might keep up with the boxing scene. If you do I'd like to gather your thoughts on the upcoming De La Hoya-Mayweather bout on May 5. Should be the fight of the decade at least on paper. Eventhough Mayweather is the favorite, De La Hoya gets a sentimental vote from me. What do you guys think?
I'm probably going to start following boxing sometime soon.

My great-grandfather was a boxer, and really into it. Sadly, he died when I was young, or else I'd probably be quite into it.
Yeah my dad got me into it when I was young. Then we had a few local World Champs that kept me interested. Now I occasionaly rent the PPV superfights. This one is a definate buy. You really have to have HBO to see the really good fights but ESPN always has some of the best young prospects. Look for it on ESPN Tuesday and Friday nights.