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#1 have your best friend who is a great bassist begging you to be in a band with him, but you don't want to be? I've played on and off with him in bands for the past few years, but now I feel like there is no musical chemistry left between us. I love playing music, and I have the oppourtunity to play in a band, but right now I like being on my own better. I wrote all the songs in my bands anyway, and I was always the vocalist/guitarist. I also play bass and drums. I used to always have these arrangement ideas in my head when I'd bring my songs in, and then they would always be a let down when the band would play them.

It's just that I have so many ideas and songs that I want to do by myself. It seems like I work better on my own anyway. We used to be playing songs I'd bring in and I'd just be thinking "I'd play those drums different than he is and the song would sound better". The thing is, this bass player keeps begging me to be with him and I don't really even know what to say to him because he won't understand.
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I'd just say give it a shot.If it doesn't work out,forget about it.If he doesn't understand it then it's his problem.
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record the songs how you want and then have a band to play them live w/ you, like prince. just make sure the other people in your band understand whats going on.
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Eh your sounding a bit conceited here. You can't really go into a band with the attitude "I'm better at that instruments than my other members, and I'll do all the work." Open up a little, let others pitch in some musical aspect.

Or find other musicians that are on the same wave length as you.
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It's just frustrating because I HAVE let them try to pitch in. For years I haven't felt satisfied though. I always feel a bit restricted. Maybe that Prince route really is the way to go for me.
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The thing is also that I really enjoy playing drums. Sometimes just as much as guitar. I'll sit down with a guitar, come up with a song, and the arrangement of every instrument will instantly pop into my head. I've actually wanted to record a collection of songs where I play every instrument for quite a while. I mean, I would enjoy it. When I say I played with the band and I felt like I could play everything better - well, I did - and that only pushes me more towards the solo recording thing. Again, I feel like I work better on my own anyway.

The only thing is, I always look at bands and think how much cooler they are than solo artists. I don't know why, it's just how I am. Then I feel like I have to be in a I have to go through the whole jamming thing every week and I have to do this and do that. I love jamming, but sometimes I don't want to. I like being on my own schedule sometimes, you know? It's just little things like that
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You sound like you need a reality check, Grouch.

You need to think, are you really as good as you think you are?
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do whatever the hell you want. nobody is stopping you.
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I think it's normal, there are lots of people who are very musically inclined who feel the same way, and there is nothing more frustrating than taking a song you have crafted, playing it to someone and then that person doing something tasteless to show off, or slating it but trying something rubbish in it’s place. I think the key thing is to really know your music theory, though I know it sounds strange at first. If you know why the parts of your song fit together correctly, if you can justify how a particular note or choice of key is conveying a certain emotion or if you can look at what’s there and think of other, equally valid musical ideas then there won’t be a problem. You can have discussions about music and get look at your own music critically, without it just resorting to 'That's shit' or 'that's boring', or, (even more infuriatingly), 'yeah, that's okay, but it sounds like...'. I think if you try to force the band to work it will probably just stifle your creativity and you may end up hating music, each other or both. Just say you don’t want to be in a band now for lots of reasons and if he is your friend he should respect your decision. I hope that helps.
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I know I may come off as sounding arrogant, it's just that as sweet_leaf_777 mentioned, I'm kind of tired of forcing a band to work. To ratmblink, it's more of I want to just lay my tracks down from a hobby perspective, not a "I'm going to take over the world" perspective. I have been playing with this guy for like the past 4 years and he's the only bassist I've ever played with, mainly because there are no others in the area (and believe me, I have looked). I just have so many ideas I want to lay down, you know?
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i feel the same sometimes because i like such a wide variety of music. I mean im in a metal/hard rock band and i have a post rock side project but i still wanna do my own stuff sometimes. I mean i love my drummer but he doesnt always work well and i wanna do my own stuff too so i understand what you mean but sometimes you just have to deal with it. Every great band wasnt made in a day. Sometimes you gotta work with it.