So...In the band i'm in, we have a friend who's our "soundtech" and is the one helping out with the mixer and stuff...doesn't really do much, just level our volume when we tell him to. Anyway, our guitarist got him to start playing keys with us, but he doesn't even know how to play!!! All he does is do a bunch of noise when we're practicing and press keys till he finds the root note of the chords we're playing. He doesn't even know chords for god's sake!!! He doesn't know squat about playing, and to be honest i just don't like him playing with us in practice (or as a "soundtech" either since he doesn't do that either...it's always the other guitarist and me telling him what to do...he can't even get us a right sound, we have to do it ourselves)...anyway, has something like this ever happened to you? Did you let the other band members know what you thought/felt?
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lol same with me.
but in my case, everybody didn't know what they were doing.
off chord, off tempo, stops in the middle of a song...
i quit the band
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my bend members usually ditch practice...in fact we were supposed to practice today.im getting sick of it... oh yeah, just tell them how u feel
our singer says he doesnt use reverb cus dimebag doesnt, i had to explain that dimebag was a guitarist and that he was a singer.
o ye he gave off to me yesterday for not wearing "more metal clothes", he got a sackwackin for that one ( iwas wearing jeans, coat, maiden shirt!!!!)
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I'd say confront the Keyboarder, don't flat out kick him out. Give him an agenda, give him 1 week to shape up. Tell him if he doesn't shape up within a week you'll have to kick him out.
I agree with Avalanchi. Give him some stuff to learn, write down your songs or something, and see if he starts coming around. Also, teach him some stuff rather than just stand there and roll your eyes. Being in a band isn't just about sounding good, it's about teaching each other and giving each other ideas and ways to improve,a s well as making good music.

But if he doesn't come around, or start to shape up, then yes, kick him out. Confront your fellow bandmates and see what they think, too.
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